Avoiding An Unfulfilled Life

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.16.55 pm‘Apparently, what God has for each of us is not fulfilled automatically.’

At the end of Colossians (4:17), Paul asks the Colossians to speak to a man by the name of Archippus:

This verse struck me as interesting: to think Paul thought this message was important enough to ask a church to publicly remind one of their members.

Archippus was described by Paul in his letter to Philemon as ‘our fellow soldier’. It would seem that both Paul and Archippus were aware that there was a ministry that God had in mind for Archippus.

Apparently, what God has for each of us is not fulfilled automatically. We can’t assume that just walking through life aimlessly will result in us fulfilling what God has for us. God has given each of us a purpose in life. However, it doesn’t just happen.

For Archippus and for each of us, the call of God requires us to ‘take heed’. We are to pay attention, to care for, to attend to the ministry that God has for us. Paul told Timothy: ‘be sober, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry’. (2 Tim 4:5) If our ministry gift is neglected, we will not be the blessing that God wants us to be.

What happened to Archippus? We don’t know for sure from the Bible, but apparently he listened to Paul’s advice. The Catholic Church recognises him as a Saint and early church literature places him as the first Bishop of Laodicea in Phrygia.

Grant Peterson

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