Being heard in the ‘market place’.


‘When we share the Gospel, is all that is heard just BLAH BLAH, jargon, BLAH?’

Why do so many top shelf businesses begin to fail in their ‘third generation’ of leadership. Think of Kodak, Microsoft and (mercy) let’s hope not Apple! One of the main reasons is that strong businesses tend to develop a unique culture which, over time, becomes further and further removed from their market. A key factor in culture is our spoken language and semiotics (signs & symbols). In the case of businesses that have developed an isolated culture;  they may believe they are communicating one thing, but the audience is hearing something very different. Or worse, their market is saying something, but the business is hearing something very different.
Sandwich Board

I grew up in a great Christian denomination that had impacted the world in a wonderful way. Over the decades much of the language, signs and symbols of my denomination had remained the same, however, contemporary culture had moved on. So, in effect, we thought we were saying one thing, but the world who really needed to hear our message, was hearing something very different.

Could it be that much of the Church thinks it is communicating the Gospel, but what is being heard is just BLAH BLAH, BLAH?

Grant Peterson

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