How to talk proper! (9 tips to help with public speaking)

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.32.27 pm
“Anything you say should be understood by an eight-year-old.”
(extracted from: SMH 2 Sept 2014)

1. Talking about yourself:  A small amount of personal detail encourages listeners to feel a connection, but a large amount just bores them to tears.

2. Be calm (!): A lack of confidence is easily spotted and unfortunately this can be interpreted as sign of untrustworthiness, … Practise is the key to perfection, … Nervous speakers need to rehearse what they plan to say and preferably, in front of a volunteer family member or friend.

3. Keep it simple: Getting bogged down in the detail is a common mistake for novice speakers. You have lots of information you want to impart, but the truth is, much of it just isn’t necessary. “Don’t tell me what I don’t need to know,” …. “Not everything needs to be explained in its full complexity.”

4. Build rapport: It’s important to build common ground to establish a rapport with your listeners, says …“Put business to the side for a moment and talk about subjects that are interesting in life,”

5. Avoid Waffling: Get to the point! Off-topic rambling and drawn-out analogies only serve to annoy audiences.

6. Ask for action: What do you want your listeners to do after you have finished talking? … Whatever your request, make sure you let your listeners know what you want them to do.

7. Know the audience: Who are you talking to and what do they want? This information will help you tailor your speech and ease any nerves. Knowing your audience also makes it easier to target their needs.

8. Vary Tone and Pace: A speaker who drones on in the same tone and pace is likely to send their listeners to sleep. To animate your talking and keep your audience engaged, try to control your voice and vary your tone and pace.

9. Avoid Jargon: Is your vocab littered with jargon no one understands? Simplify it or risk losing your listeners.

(Sydney Morning Herald 2 Sept 2014)

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